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Write & Grow Rich: How & When To Use a Book to Supersize Your Happiness, Social Impact & Bank Account

Join Host, Angela Faye on Canada’s Podcast speaking to Kimberley Day ( about the mindset and practical steps you can take to “Write & Grow Rich

Because YOU are the #1 low cost, high return asset that 95% of entrepreneurs forget to capitalize on. And, if you want to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry, stand out from the crowd against your competition, and get new customers coming to you on autopilot, then your business needs a book with your name on the cover!

If you have a compelling value proposition that can positively impact people you serve but are missing the tool to connect with them. You find yourself as 1 of 5 others in the ‘same room’ offering almost the same thing. Or if you have ever found yourself struggling or miserable working with a less than ideal client…this is for you!

And yes, knowing this was a problem for MOST coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs, Kimberley Day changed the course of her own business to help others overcome the daily struggle of finding their next client, stand out from the crowd in their industry, & increase visibility, credibility & authority by publishing a book. For 13 years she was one of usually a dozen financial advisors at every networking event, struggling to compete for clients in an overcrowded and skeptical market.

After publishing her first book, the “Financial Fitness Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Money Game“, she was able to double her income in less than 12 months using the same strategies she now teaches in her new book and signature program.

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