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1st Step in Your Business Acceleration Journey: Uncover & Define Your Purpose

Angela Faye |

Karin Forrest gets vulnerable on this podcast working ‘live’ with Host Angela Faye on the first steps to Uncover and Define her Massively Transformative Purpose and Market Dominating Position.

Karin is venturing from traditional construction/landscaping business ownership to start a new purpose-driven venture.

Through The Kayaking Connection, Karin is helping women business owners tap their inner wisdom through connections in nature. Karin’s mission is to ‘Empower Connections for Transformational Change’, bringing healing, health, and vitality to the community through connection to nature, self, and others.

Karin knows we all have access to the transformative power that lies within our connection with ourselves and others. She is uniquely positioned to empower emotional healing and transformational with her skills as an outdoor adventurer, kayak enthusiast, and previous business owner; plus first-hand experience integrating past experiences of abuse, drug use, and abandonment. Karin accepts her past experiences, has integrated them as part of who she is today, and NOW leverages them to provide help others function with greater mental clarity within their roles in their homes, places of business, and the greater community.

“Through this experience I hope to provide people with a true mindset shift that will allow them freedom from repetitive mental storylines and allow greater ease for flexible, inspired solutions to be brought forward into life’s daily challenges.”

Connect with Karin on Canada’s Podcast to hear part of her journey. To experience ‘The Kayak Connection’ for full or half-day kayaking excursions or custom trips, on Vancouver Island, connect with Karin post podcast at

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