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Do you really know what chemicals are in the beauty products that you use?

Mario Toneguzzi |

Jasmine Marra is the founder of Gypsy+Jasmine a beauty company that has one singular mission; to craft earth inspired beauty products that make you feel pampered and beautiful without compromise. After having children, Jasmine took a keen interest in the ingredients of products that were entering her home as both of her young boys were experiencing terrible skin sensitivities and eczema. Eager to help her children get some relief, she spent hundreds of hours researching and understanding what ingredients were safe for her kids and family. This also allowed her to take a closer look at the ingredients in the products she was using on her own skin. She was shocked to learn about the preservatives, additives and harmful chemicals linked to disease, inflammation and hormone disruption that were found in almost every beauty product she put on her body. It seemed nearly impossible to purchase a beauty product that wasn’t loaded with fragrance or toxins at the everyday drug store. She walked through the aisles of beauty departments with this newfound knowledge, and knew she had to do something. That’s when she founded Gypsy+Jasmine.

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