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Best Friends Turned Business Partners Ahsan Raza and Kumail Meghani Are Joining Forces to Make IDEA Lab Kids a Household Name in the GTA!

Philip Bliss |

Ahsan Raza and Kumail Meghani join Devina Bhojwani, CEO of IDEA Lab Kids to chat about their goals.

After seeing a need for more hands-on education for kids to explore science, technology, engineering, art and math subjects (#STEM), they decided to bring IDEA Lab Kids, a household international franchise, to the Greater Toronto Area. At the time, both men were on their own career journeys. Raza in real estate, Meghani in accounting and education. But they both saw a need and demand in the market for premium #STEAM education. So they bought the rights to become area developers for all of #GTA and now after 2 years, have sold 2 locations (Richmond Hill and Oakville) that are up and running and 2 more scheduled to open in 2021 (in Pickering and Stouffville). The duo now plans to open up 15 locations in Toronto through strategic franchise expansion.

Raza and Meghani still hold their full-time jobs but have carved out time on the weekends, evenings and every other hour of free time to work on IDEA Lab Kids and expand it further. They discuss why they chose to fuel this concept in a crisis, and how they will help the community. IDEA Lab Kids’ CEO Devina Bhojwani can discuss bigger picture plans the brand has to continue pivoting and growing across Canada.

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