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This green ammonia production system will change our world

Philip Bliss |

Ian Clifford is CEO of FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Canadian cleantech company. Ian has had a career pathway filled with various ventures, including co-founding businesses and now leading FuelPositive, but what has driven all his career decisions has been his love for environmentalism, technology, and marketing. Ian’s passion is advocating for change in some of our most polluting and challenging sectors. FuelPositive is committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable, “cradle to cradle” clean energy solutions, including carbon-free ammonia (NH3), for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Decentralizing the production of key growing components like green ammonia for farmers is the key to sustainability and fighting climate change. If farmers produce green ammonia on their own farms — then they are in control and they are using a carbon-free ammonia production system. Today most use grey ammonia and it is a serious polluter because of the way it is produced with fossil fuels and because it has to be shipped thousands of miles to get to most farms.

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