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NextGen Perspective: Built Environments, Smart Cities & NFT’s

Angela Faye |

Ebony Walsh is an Architectural Designer, enthusiastic about innovation and technology. She is currently an intrapreneur for a company in Toronto, Ontario in Design Research & Data. She splits her time between Canada and Brazil working as a digital nomad.

Ebony is an exponential thinker – curious, actively adaptive to our social and technological advancements and her personal purpose and “why” is to advance optimal human experiences through infrastructure design. Her entrepreneurial ambition is to make hardware – our built environment (architecture and smart cities) as efficient and user-friendly as software; and she is looking to connect with like-minded startups.

Ebony is also co-leading a community of change-makers to create their first NFT campaign that will be the gateway investment to events, programs – and perhaps in the future, a purpose-driven hybrid digital-physical coworking | coliving village.

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