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Bringing gamification into healthcare with Jim Feng of Phyxable

Céline Williams |

Dr. Jim Feng is a mission-driven serial entrepreneur located out of Markham, Ontario. In 2009, Dr. Feng founded Form & Function: Health which has transformed into one of the first truly integrated health models. Not only does Form & function host a repertoire of integrated health care services, it also created a business model that has been paying high dividends to its investors and franchisees year after year. This insight into healthcare and his love for technology-based companies has incubated several start-ups in disruptive healthcare technologies, content aggregation and real-time language translation. Seeing pain points in the physical injury and insurance industry, Dr. Feng has recently founded Phyxable Inc. Phyxable is an end-to-end virtual pain and prevention platform that uses machine learning, augmented reality and gamification to coach people out of pain, while empowering them with better human performance. Alongside his Chiropractic degree, Dr. Feng is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Medical Acupuncturist, and has directed medical teams for world championships, professional and Olympic Level sporting events in the MMA and Wrestling. On a personal level, Dr. Feng enjoys high-performance individual sports, extreme adventures, diving deep into health-tech & lifespan solutions, Aquascaping, and giving back to what matters.

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