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The growth of the individuals for the mutual beneficial growth of the operations

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Donald Haché, of Selltron Group, has years of professional experience managing startups and established companies. As a resilient, results-driven strategic and decisive leader, Don utilizes his entrepreneurial skills and the Scaling Up framework towards the growth of the individual(s) for the mutual growth of the company and operations.

Don brings focus to companies in all business development stages – start-up, scale-up, fast-growth challenges, steady-state business, relocation, downsizing and shut-downs. He has extensive experience in needs assessment, design, strategic thinking and execution planning (there is a difference), leadership development, coaching, performance assessments, mergers and acquisitions (USA/CND) and succession management.

Don has a background in small, medium and large-scale development, implementation and system integration projects, with emphasis on taking small to medium privately held businesses to the next level for growth towards structured corporations, sustainable revenue, acquisition or sale, in domestic and international markets. Don has exposure to public sector, international trade service-based economies, industrial automation, commercial, transportation industries, professional services, IT, Telecom sectors and software development environments. He has a successful record of managing and motivating diverse teams, providing guidance, mentoring, committed to quality and client satisfaction.

Having started small to medium size companies, Don understands the challenges entrepreneurs are faced with, and has a track record of building these companies and turning them into successful operations. As a resilient, result-driven, strategic and decisive leader Don utilizes his entrepreneurial skillset towards the growth of the individual(s) for the mutual beneficial growth of the operations, as a consummate learner he shares what he learns. Don is an Engineering graduate. Fluent in English and French, with basic conversational Spanish, Don enjoys world wide networking, traveling with family and friends.

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