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Connie Stacey is the Owner of Growing Greener Innovations, talks about the future of energy storage – Edmonton – Canada’s Podcast

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Connie Stacey is the Owner of Growing Greener Innovations (GGI), a Canadian energy technology company focused on engineering and manufacturing batteries, battery management systems, and battery energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers. GGI holds the patent for stackable battery packs that can be clicked together like LEGO™️ to meet any power demand, without the aid of a technician. It’s this technology that forms the basis of the GRENGINE™️ Power System. In addition to its patented battery technology, GGI is further developing its Smart Switch, a smart battery/grid management system that will address issues such as peak shaving, voltage optimization, load balancing, charge/discharge optimization, and time-of-use, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower overall energy use, longer-lived batteries and substantial cost savings for large-scale energy users in high-fee regions.

Recently the company won the first prize of $50,000 from The Forum’s Pitch for the Purse competition. The Forum was previously known as Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

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