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Celia Auclair and Benjamin Patarin

The resurgence of ‘foraging’ and why its good for local food security, business and your soul

Angela Faye |

There’s been a resurgence of the commitment to “local food security” and with it a growing number of businesses foraging for food. The practice of hand gathering plants and animals for bait, money or the table has long taken place, but more recently top chefs have been popularising the idea, urban foragers have told of the lengths they go to find wild food in big cities, while rural foragers have access to an abundance of wild food…if you know what to look for.

But why, in an age where most things we want or need are only a few clicks away, do many seek the thrill of finding their own food? Why do local commercial gatherers choose to pursue these ancient livelihoods when there are less arduous alternative careers?

In today’s Podcast, Angela Faye speaks with Celia & Benjamin – a couple-preneur that has followed their hearts from France to Australia to Canada to follow their calling to provide greater education and access to Wild Food!

Collectively, Celia and Benjamin have formal educations in sustainable business development & administration, biology and agroforestry, plus lived experience as contract fruit pickers. Caring deeply for people and social justice, they advocated for fruit pickers’ rights, leading to the creation of a platform known as “Pick the World”. And, they knew their next venture would involve caring for the environment while integrating a sustainable business model. A true equilibrium between their passion for the wilderness and an opportunity to focus on an emerging market in the ‘food business’ led them to the creation of Forest For Dinner (, providing foraging experiences, education and product harvesting and value-added boutique manufacturing, thanks in part to being part of a local Food Hub.

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