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Brett Annable, Owner of Millionaires Row Cider Company, Is Helping Keep the Essence of Canada’s Rich Entrepreneurial History Alive!

Angela Faye |

Armed with the dream of a family farm, finance experience and theological training, Brett Annable and his wife Janet purchased a 10-acre apple orchard in Summerland, British Columbia, discovered a rich history on their land, then launched ‘Millionnaires’ Row Cider Company. Brett & Janet combined their skills and together tapped into their entrepreneurial spirit to become a couple and ‘product’ of note in the Okanagan Valley. Brett and Janet, through their ‘cider’ making, tasting, distribution and storytelling – are helping to keep the essence of the ‘Millionnaire’s Row’ story alive as part of Canada’s rich entrepreneurial history. Three of the ‘Millionnaires’ were national bank presidents – ultimately knighted for their contributions to Canada – responsible for providing much of the initial capital to finance western Canada’s timber, mining, transportation and utility industries; and whose benevolence later extended to helping establish the ‘Okanagan’s notoriety as a ‘fruit’ growing/manufacturing mecca, and a destination of choice to experience local farms, markets, stores, restaurants, wineries, breweries and more.

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