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PLAY is the new frontier of creativity and innovation

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose childhood was full of mud pies and leaf soup, snow castles, and swings. The little girl believed very much that anything was possible and spent much of her time imagining worlds filled with magic and mystery.

As she grew up, people told her that “life was not a fairy tale” and “in the real world it was different,” and she started to believe this was all true.

Yet, no matter how she painted the picture, it was never complete.

So the girl decided to change the script and became the Master of Play.

The tools we need for navigating change and challenge have been in our back pocket our whole lives, but we left them on the playground long ago. We traded imagination and discovery for stability and steady.

But we know that when creativity and innovation intersect people thrive, and profits dramatically increase. COVID has left little space for new, bold, ideas and actions. Now more than ever businesses face larger hurdles in complex problem solving, employee engagement, retention, communication, and ideation.

PLAY is the new frontier of creativity and innovation.

Play is the catalyst for, undefeatable resilience, increased employee engagement, and empowerment. It’s not ping pong tables and pool tables, it’s knowing and understanding whole people, what motivates and inspires them and drives them to share ALL of their strengths at work.

Brandi Heather is a respected award-winning, passionate trailblazer powered by 25+ years of success developing, directing, and optimizing innovative strategies and programs for education and industry leaders. She is well known for spearheading, influencing critical organizational change initiatives. As the co-founder and co-owner of AMPED2PLAY INC., and best-selling author of Return to Play: Rebuilding Resilience, RIsk, and Reconnection she is helping organizations get back “in play”. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and frequently speaks about using the power of PLAY for navigating diversity, inclusion, change management, communication, self-care, mental and physical health.

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