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Real Estate Investor Brady McDonald on How to Make Property Investing Work for You

Céline Williams |

Brady McDonald is a full time real estate investor (, lifestyle entrepreneur and father. After 14 years swinging from tree top to tree top, Brady retired from Hydro One at the age of 32 but he hasn’t sat still. In 5 short years he and his wife, Kristy, have purchased over 120 properties, grown their team to 20, and currently operate a property management company as well as a renovation company. Stemming from his previous experience as a utility arborist instructor, Brady launched Learn with BK, which is the real estate investing education and coaching arm of their business. He and his team have won many awards including Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Joint Venture Partner of the Year and REIN’s Co-Venturer of the Year 2017 as well as REIN’s Renovator of the Year and the Leslie Cluff Memorial Player of the Year in 2018. Brady, Kristy and their team specialize in Real Estate Investing Joint Ventures where they partner with individuals who want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time and expertise to do it alone. Together they collaborate to create turn key income properties in Barrie, Ontario that create both long term wealth and cashflow for everyone involved.

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