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We had no idea eating salad could be so dangerous

Angela Faye |

In October 2018, their two-year-old son was infected with E. coli during the romaine lettuce outbreak. It was one week from the first sign that something was wrong until the day he died.

Brad and Kristin Bell had no idea that eating a salad could be so dangerous. And they were shocked to find out how widespread this problem is. Leafy green vegetables now cause more E. coli outbreaks than any other food, including beef.

With the spirit of Cooper in their hearts, they put everything they had into a new solution – they partnered with Freight Farms to create 4 Acres Hydroponics – their startup that creates a carefully controlled indoor environment to grow greens year-round with no pesticides or herbicides – for their family, community, and as advocates for food systems reinvention.

In this podcast, they touch on three key ideas:

  1. Is mass-produced food killing us?
  2. Three things you can do today to get access to safe, healthy food.
  3. Basic information for starting your own micro-impact hydroponic foods innovation project.

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