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Operating a security service in Halifax

Rivers Corbett |

Ben and Michele Joly; founders of JOLCAR Security Services Inc., Halifax’s premier security guard service. They both come from a background in law enforcement each having over twenty years of industry experience.

Ben and Michele met in college while attending a law enforcement program. During that time Michele was working in loss prevention.

Ben was a volunteer cadet with a small-town police service. Ben’s career in security started right out of college. Ben worked as a school response officer in Toronto before getting into security management and then as a Director for a National Security Service based out of Nova Scotia. In 2017 JOLCAR Security was formed. JOLCAR Security guards present a unique high-profile appearance while maintaining a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service. Quickly being recognized for the level of service and rapid growth. With hands-on management style and operational oversight. Most days, you will see the management team in uniform, working alongside frontline staff in the field. JOLCAR Security is named after both Ben and Michele’s fathers, taking their surnames to form JOLCAR. They both instilled in them the value of excellent customer service, brand alignment and doing what you love.

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