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Being everything to everybody leads to burnout with Teresa Vozza

Céline Williams |

Teresa Vozza ( a leadership expert, certified executive coach, and former Human Resources Executive with over 20 years of corporate experience, most recently at Allianz Partners as CHRO. She is highly skilled in leading change, building executive acumen, and communicating with impact.

She is a go-to coach for highly accomplished corporate professionals who are looking to seriously up level their impact…and love the process. As a consultant and coach, she has worked both one-on-one and in group format with senior teams and professionals from Manager to CEO.

In addition to her work with established leaders, Teresa trains up-and-coming professional women to position themselves as credible leaders that others will follow, listen to, promote, and learn from. In her corporate career, she has led hundreds of participants through leadership courses and workshops. She has been featured on Breakfast Television and several podcasts, such as Entrepreneurs on Fire, Power Presence Position and Wickedly Smart Women.

Teresa is described as bold, wise, assertive, and highly focused.

Teresa is a graduate of McMaster University, the Canada Coach Academy, and accredited with the International Coaching Federation as well as The Accredited Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP).

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