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Amy Emberling’s radical ‘community of food business’ shares multi-million-dollar secrets on how to supersize your impact!

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This radical ‘community of food business’ shares multi-million-dollar secrets on how to supersize your impact!

Canadian Amy Emberling is amongst the Managing Owners of Zingermans community of businesses. Experience what a Community of Businesses is about, learn three multi-million-dollar secrets from this radical ‘community of food business’ on how to supersize your impact, AND take advantage of the invitation to jump on the ZingTrain!

While currently residing in Ann Arbor Michigan, Canadian Amy Emerling is from Cape Breton and has Maritime in her blood. Before coming to Zingerman’s Amy studied social movements at Harvard College, attended L’ecole de Gastronomie Francaise at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France, worked in many restaurants and bakeries and received an MBA from Columbia University. She’s been combining her interests in organizational design, making delicious food and business management at Zingerman’s since 1992. She believes that business can be the source of positive social change and create value all at the same time.

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