ALLPA founders posing

ALLPA is a hydroponic microgreen company with a focus on giving back

Mario Toneguzzi |

The three university students from three different countries serendipitously crossed paths while working part-time at a local hardware store. Little did they know, their common interests for business, tech and sustainability would result in the launch of ALLPA Vertical Farms in 2019, a hydroponic microgreen company located in Calgary, Alberta. ALLPA is named after Mama Allpa, in South America’s Inca religion and empire, the goddess of the Earth and fertility, responsible for fruitful harvests. Their civilization was one of the first to grow vegetables in water and this inspired us deeply. They contribute to the local economy by buying their compostable containers and seeds from Canadian companies. The thing that really makes them unique is that every one of their microgreen packages has a donation built into it! They carry four products: Arugula, Radish, Sunflower and Broccoli.

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